The fans.. call me and Louis, Larry Stylinson because we get on really well. Since we started in the X Factor house, me and Louis had always said that we wanted to move in together.. and that was pretty much it, it just kind of happened.” 


Are they fucking serious?

First Lottie hangs out with Gemma and now Joanne posts pictures of her with Anne and Harry?

At this rate we’ll get the coming out by the end of the year.

They are clearly trying to show people that the two families are friends, so that everyone gets used to them being linked. They have been apparently so distant for years that they have to start being friendly with each other again in public to contain the damage and the outrage.

I don’t know what to think anymore.

Anonymous asked: Why people get so but hurt about Zayn cheating like zAyn gon do what he do and if perrie had a problem with it she would've left already clearly she don't.


like as long as she can get money and attention from the cheating she’s not gonna leave

zayn cheating on her was literally front page news all over the entire united kingdom and she /embraced/ it she lived off the attention it brought her which she then used to deflect and talk about her tour which equals to money nothing near to zayns money (the real reason shes staying) but money nonetheless 

and now we’re supposed to be like omfg cheating is so bad!! honey she does not care! she probably wants him to cheat more so she can get more attention and parade around that ring from a cici’s pizza vending machine

louis + :D

@JohannahDarling: Missing my Louis! #firsteversportsday xx


how does harry manage to be in like, space one minute and then suddenly he’s back in la. we could put that man anywhere and he’d find his way to la by morning

Harry stops by the SoHo house in LA September 18th, 2014